Folsom Youth Basketball Association
FYBA Academy
Come join us at the FYBA Academy for a fun-filled 6 weeks of instruction as we teach players the fundamentals of basketball!


The FYBA Academy is structured as an affordable basketball camp that focuses on the basic skills of basketball and is meant to teach beginning and intermediate players some core fundamental skills. Each week we will focus on a different set of skills as follows:

  • Week 1 – Ball Handling
  • Week 2 – Footwork
  • Week 3 – Shooting
  • Week 4 – Rebounding
  • Week 5 – Defensive skills
  • Week 6 – Offensive skills

For each session we divide the players into co-ed groups of the same or similar grades. Each player will receive a different color T-shirt on the first week to indicate which group they are in. The groups then spend 20 minutes learning a skill at a teaching station. There are 3 teaching stations that the groups rotate through followed by a 20 minute game in which they practice the skills they learned that week for a total of an 80 minute session for 6 weeks.


See the FYBA calendar for the Academy dates and times & times


The charge for the FYBA Academy is $80. The cost includes instruction at the 6 sessions, a T-shirt, and a certificate of completion at the end of the Academy.


Just like the FYBA, the success of the Academy is based on volunteer coaches and we highly encourage parents to coach at the Academy. As an incentive, we offer a free player registration for volunteer coaches who coach at 5 of the 6 sessions.  At least some basketball experience is helpful.

If you enjoy basketball and feel that you could teach one simple skill each Saturday, we hope you will be willing and able to help. Each week, we provide to the coaches not only the description of how to do a particular basketball skill correctly but also provide the age appropriate drills to use at the Academy for that skill. We are there to help you along with way as well if needed.

For parents that might not be completely comfortable as a coach or who cannot attend at least 5 sessions, we can still use you as an asst. coach. Assistant coaches help out teaching a skill and can rotate through with the players which means that you can rotate with your son or daughter’s group. This is a great way to be involved directly with your child in learning and teaching basketball.

Our volunteer coaches report that they have a great time teaching skills to the kids, that they are able to hone their coaching skills, and that they have a chance to get to know the players that they will be drafting for their teams. And each coach gets a free T-shirt! So come join usfor a fun-filled time helping out at the Academy!


For more information about the FYBA Academy or for questions, send an email to