Folsom Youth Basketball Association
Q: How much does the league cost?

A: Please click on the registration button to see current costs for registration. You will also find the cost in the text of the registration announcement on the front page of the website.

Q: If I work in Folsom, can my child still play in the FYBA?

A: Because you do not live in Folsom and/or your child does not go to school in Folsom, you can register him only on a space available basis. That means, when the registration period is over and there is space left on a team in your child’s division, he/she will then be put on a team. If you register your child, he/she will automatically go on a wait list until that time. As soon as your child is admitted, you will receive a confirmation email stating so.

Q: Does FYBA have any residency requirements?

A: Families that either 1) maintain a residence or 2) attend school in Folsom will have priority in registering.

Q: When does registration open?

A: Registration begins around the third week of August, about a week after the public school goes back in session. Watch for banners posted on fences near Folsom schools as well as flyers (Peachjar) going home from school through the school's weekly folders. If your child registered last year, you should receive a postcard in the mail as well as a reminder email that registration is going on. See the FYBA calendar for on-time and late registration dates.

FYBA Events
Q: What is the Jamboree?

A: It is the fun season opener for the FYBA which may include skills games, a carnival and actual games for older players.

Q: What are Player Evaluations?

A: This is where each player grade 3-12 is evaluated for his/her basketball skills. This is not a try out but an effort to evaluate skills so evenly matched teams can be created in each division. Each team will have skilled and inexperienced players alike. Because we are a recreational league, our goal is to have teams so evenly matched that each team wins 50% of their games during the season. Players in grades 1 and 2 will not be evaluated but will be placed on a team generally determined by what grade school they attend.

Q: Why don't we have player evaluations for 1st and 2nd grade ?

A: These young players are so new, that the FYBA will place them on teams based on their school. For the most part, these young players know nothing of basketball and they all play at about the same skill level.

Q: I missed the evaluations. How will that impact my child?

A: The evaluation session is a way for all of the coaches in your child's division to observe the capabilities of your child in order to form teams as even as possible. All players in grades 3-12 are REQUIRED to be evaluated or they will not be placed on a team and withdrawn fro the program. If your player cannot attend the Player Evals during the time scheduled for their division, please sign up for another time during that same day. We will create a sign up for this purpose.

Contacting the FYBA
Q: Does the FYBA have a phone number I can use to contact them?

A: For the most part we communicate via email. If you do not have an email address, you will need to be proactive to follow up with us to get the information. If you cannot find the information you are looking for via the website the FYBA does provide a hotline for you. Please go to the Contact Us page for this phone number.

Q: I'm not getting any responses when I email a board member. Now what can I do?

A: Although each board member works hard to quickly respond to your email questions, there are times that an email gets lost. Our advise is to try again. If all else fails, try contacting another board member via email. See Contact Us on the website.

Q: How can I contact an FYBA board member?

A: Click on the Contact Us button of the website. If your questions are not answered through the FAQ's, then you will be routed to the appropriate board member, depending on your question.

Q: I'm worried about the privacy of my child online. What is your privacy policy?

A: We treat your privacy very seriously. We will not sell, rent, lend or in ANY way divulge ANY of your personal information. We must also strike a balance in providing useful information and providing too much information. For this reason we have hidden your child's first name on all of the public web page and replaced it with their first initial. If you would like to hide your child's name completely you may choose the [hide this name] text next to your child's name and it will not be displayed any more. For more details on our Privacy Policy view the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of all pages.

Equipment Uniforms
Q: When do we receive my child's uniform?

A: Your coach or team leader will be given all team member's uniforms at the Jamboree. We encourage them to distribute a uniform to each of the players on their team at that time. Parents do not pick up their players uniform.

Q: How can I change my child's uniform size?

A: You can change the size of your uniform on the FYBA website at Player Evaluations when you check in your player at the kiosks. Other than than, we will give a parent access to change the uniform size for a few days before we order the uniforms when they login. Please see the FYBA calendar for a specific date on the last date to change the uniform size.

Q: When do I order my uniform?

A: Players will specify their uniform size when they register for the FYBA. The cost of the uniform is included in the price of the FYBA registration.

Q: We cant find my childs uniform. Cant he/she just wear a dark or light shirt to play in the game?

A: All players must wear their current years FYBA uniform, including shirt and shorts, in order to be eligible to play in any league game. If you have lost your childs uniform please contact the FYBA equipment coordinator to discuss alternatives.

Q: What if I cant come to the scheduled uniform swap day?

A: Please contact the Equipment Coordinator

Q: Can I request a uniform number?

A: Yes. You are able to request a jersey number when you register your child for the league. Please note that if more than 1 child has requested the same number after teams are formed that the requested number will be given to the player who registered earliest. Other players requesting the same number will be given a randomly-generated jersey number.

Q: Can I swap my uniform if it doesn't fit?

A: Yes. An official uniform swap day will be provided for players who find that the uniform size they received will not work. If a player is unable to make it to the official uniform swap date, please contact the FYBA Equipment Coordinator. There are very few extra uniforms to choose from at the swap, so a player may not find a suitable uniform to swap with. In this case, the player will have to keep the uniform they ordered as the FYBA will not order any more uniforms. No swaps will given to those who simply want a different number.

Q: One of my players is injured or has quit the team. Can I add a new player?

A: No. Unfortunately, injuries/illnesses and players quitting is a common occurrence in youth sports. However, to ensure fairness, we can not add players to a team that has lost a player. The skill level may be far different than the original player, other late registration applicants have already been rejected, and remaining players would lose playing time to the new player - all of which present unfair situations.

Q: How can I order a shirt for my assistant coach?

A: The FYBA does not provide a shirt for the assistant coaches, so it will be an extra expense for him or her. The information on ordering a coaches shirt will be sent out to the coaches seasonally by the FYBA Equipment Coordinator.

Q: Why is the coaches meeting so important?

A: This is where you will get important instruction on practice times, calendar items, participate in a question and answer period, see coaches shirt, get to know the board and the coach coordinators and more. You don't want to miss it.

Q: I am a Coach or a Team Leader. How do I log into the site?

A: Each coach and team leader on the team is able to log in to the site to see or change information pertinent to their team and position. Upon registration, each parent is assigned a login and password so they have access to their child's information. If a parent becomes an official FYBA coach or a team leader, that same login and password will give them access to team information as well. In order to get a username in the first place, each parent will need to have an e-mail address listed in the system, this is done during registration. If a parent does not already have a password from seasons past, a random password will then assigned and e-mailed to them.

Q: What is the facility monitor supposed to do at practices?

A: It is the responsibility of the Facility Monitor to be at each team practice from beginning to end and be the last one out of practice each night, making sure that the bathrooms are left clean, the gym is tidy, all garbage is picked up, and nothing that belongs to you team members is left for lost and found. The Facility Monitor is also there to be another adult present at the practice as a safety measure for the kids and coaches.

Q: Why does my child's team practice half way across Folsom?

A: The practice times and locations given to your team are based on the request of your coach. Since most divisions in the FYBA do not create teams by school, it is very probable that your child will be practicing some distance from your school. All practice and game facilities are within the city limits of Folsom. With the large number of players in the FYBA, it gets challenging to find an ideal practice location for everybody.

Q: My weekly practice was cancelled due to a school blackout. What are my options for rescheduling practice?

A: If your team has any practice credits, you can try to reschedule your cancelled practice for another facility, date and/or time. Other options include practicing on outdoor courts of your choice, scheduling an additional practice at Folsom Sports Complex (coach/team is responsible for calling to schedule and any payment for gym time), or contacting other coaches in your division for a scrimmage or sharing a court with your team. If your practice was blacked out on a Monday school holiday, you can call and reschedule your practice during daytime hours that Monday at the Folsom Sports Complex at no charge.

Q: As a coach, can I request a certain practice time or facility?

A: Due to the limited facilities and large number of teams in the FYBA (150 teams at last count), we ask all coaches to tell us certain days/times they CANT practice, then we try to meet everyones requests to the best of our ability given the limited number of facilities and timeslots that we have. Coaches with 2 or more teams get preference in practice scheduling. Except for some of the older/smaller elementary school gyms, any team can practice at any location. We make every attempt to schedule practices for 5th graders or younger at the earlier practice times.

Q: My child can't make the teams scheduled practice. What can I do?

A: FYBA teams (3rd grade through high school) have one practice during the week and a game on Saturday. The league works very hard to schedule a practice day/time that works for each and every coach. Sometimes those practice times dont work for all the kids on the team. You can contact your coach and see if he/she is able to exchange practice times with another team. In the event that the practice time cant be changed, your child is not required to attend practice in order to play in the league games.

Q: Do I need to stay for practices?

A: It is recommended that a parent stays with their child at practice for safety purposes. A facility monitor should also be at the practice with the coach and assistant coach for the same reason.

Q: Can I specify that I need to have a practice on a specific night?

A: Unfortunately we are unable to accomodate requests for practices on a specific night due to the large number of participants in the league. The coach is the person who will select a practice timeslot that is available from the times that we are given by the schools.

General Information
Q: How long is the season?

A: The regular season begins with practices in early December with games beginning in early January. The season consists of 10 consecutive weeks, ending in mid-March.

Q: Does FYBA have a competitive division?

A: After the regular season ends, the FYBA may offer a competitive program for grades 5-12, depending on if there are enough skilled players willing to try out in a division. Only the more skilled players in each division will be placed on a team.

Q: Where do I find the league rules, regulations and board meeting minutes?

A: Under the Docs button at the top of all web pages.

Q: Can I come to the FYBA board meetings?

A: Everyone in the FYBA is welcome to come to any board meeting. Please contact the FYBA communications officer for the current dates, time, and location.

Q: Are the Board Members volunteers?

A: Yes! They spent 100

Q: Can I be a Board Member?

A: There are often openings on the FYBA at the end or beginning of each season. Look for email invitaions during these times asking for parents who what to get a little more involved with FYBA basketball.

Q: How do I learn how to be a scorekeeper?

A: This typically is on-th-job-training. If you arrive early to your child's game, you can learn the ropes on how to run the scoreboard from the other scorekeeper.

Q: Why do we do background checks on coaches and assistant coaches?

A: In our effort to keep your children safeguarded, we do background checks on our coaches and assistant coaches through the California Department of Justice. We also train coaches, and parents on how to keep their children safe in during practices. Two deep

Q: What does a team parent do?

A: A team parent is usually responsible to create and maintain a snack assignment during the season. They often organize a end of the season team party, order trophies, purchase coaches gift and collect the money from parents to accomplish this.

Q: What does an Assistant Coach do?

A: The Head Coach chooses the Assistant Coach. His/her roll is to help the coach teach basketball, as well as be a second adult at each practice, which helps to ensure the safety of the players. Assistant coaches can order a coaches shirt if they desire, but this cost is not covered by the FYBA.

Q: What does a facility monitor do?

A: It is the responsibility of the Facility Monitor to be at each team practice from beginning to end and be the last one out of practice each night, making sure that the bathrooms are left clean, the gym is tidy, all garbage is picked up, and nothing that belongs to you team members is left for lost and found. The Facility Monitor is also there to be another adult present at the practice as a safety measure for the kids and coaches. Following each game, the Facility Monitor makes sure that their team has completely cleaned up after themselves. This may include putting tables/equipment back according to school requests. Having a dedicated team Facility Monitor that performs his/her duties fully ensures that the FYBA can maintain a positive working relationship with the schools and city, whose facilities we use. Only by keeping these facilities clean will we be allowed to continue using them.

Q: What does a Scorekeeper do?

A: During each FYBA game, each team must provide a scorekeeper. The team scorekeeper will receive a game score sheet each week so they can keep the game statistics for the team. Paid referees will be keeping the official score sheet for the game and manage the scoreboards.

Q: Can my child play up or down a division?

A: Generally the answer is no. If you feel your child needs to play up or down, please contact the FYBA President .

Q: How do I contact my coach?

A: E-mail addresses are not posted on the public site for privacy reasons. However, you can obtain your coach's e-mail address by logging in to your personal player page in the upper right-hand corner of the front page when that capability has been turned on.

Q: What is the difference between the 1st and 2nd grade divisions and the 3rd – 12th grade divisions?

A: The 1st and 2nd grade divisions have no weekly practices. When the games begin in January, they will have an hour and a half to practice and play against another team. 1st and 2nd grades do not participate in the player evaluations but are generally placed on teams by the FYBA board based on their elementary school. 3rd grade through 12th grade players do participate in the player evaluations and a draft based on coaches picks. 3rd through 12th grade will have a one hour practice during the week and a 1 hour game on Saturday.

Q: How are teams formed in FYBA?

A: 1st and 2nd grade players are generally placed on a team based on the elementary school they attend and do not participate in the Player Evaluations or Draft. In order to provide balanced teams in 3rd - 12th grade divisions do participate in Player Evaluations at the beginning of each season during which each coach in the division has a chance to evaluate a player's abilities. The coaches then hold a "serpentine" draft with each coach selecting players for their teams until all players in the division have been selected.

Q: How can I find a roster for my child's team?

A: Once your child is placed on a team, and you have a login and password, you can access the team information by clicking on the Team Info button and then loging in or loging in to your child's player page to find the team roster.

Q: When will my child be placed on a team?

A: After Player Evaluations are over, the coaches will draft your child onto a team. Team announcements will begin mid-November. You will be contacted by your coach and you will receive a confirmation letter as to what team your child was placed on.

Q: Can I request a specific coach or that my child is on the same team with someone else?

A: 1st-4th Grade Players: You can request a player or coach during the registration process. 5th-12th Grade Players: In order to make the teams as even as possible you cannot request a specific coach in FYBA. However, if you know the coach, you may contact him or her and express your interest in having your child play for them which would allow them to draft your child into their team although there are no guarantees. For the same reason we do not allow players to specify that they would like to be on the same team except in the case of siblings that would like to play together.

Q: Can my child wear earrings during the game? (She/he just had her/his ears pierced).

A: All jewelry, including earrings, must be removed during the games. Taped pierced ears are not allowed under any circumstances. We recommend that you wait until after basketball season to have your childs ears pierced if they are unable to remove the earrings for the hour-long game.

Q: How do I run the scoreboard?

A: The FYBA has a variety of scoreboards that we use in different facilities. The best way to get familiar with a scoreboard is to show up to the game early and get tips from the scoreboard keeper from the game ahead of yours on how to run it. It is definitely best learned from on the job training.

Q: If something concerning happens in a game or at practice, who should I contact?

A: If it is about a coach, please contact the coach coordinator for that division. If it is about a referee, please contact the referee coordinator. See Leadership page for contact information for the appropriate board members.

Q: Why doesnt the FYBA keep score in the 1st and 2nd grades?

A: There are several reasons for not keeping score in first and second grades. The FYBAs primary objective is to teach the basics of basketball without focusing on the score. By eliminating the scoring focus it encourages the kids to play as a team and gives each child an opportunity to work on their skills in a game setting without necessarily suffering the peer-type pressure that comes from a perceived necessity to score each time down the court. Secondly it helps train the parents to encourage and cheer for things other that a hoop (great pass, great defense, nice ball control, good sportsmanship, hustle, floor leadership, following directions, etc).

Q: Why dont 1st and 2nd grades have uniformed officials officiating the game?

A: The first two grade levels put the coach on the court to give closer and more detailed individual instruction during the game in a combined coaching/officiating role. By acting as the coach and the referee it is possible to give reminders that will train/instruct all players on the court...for example: (blow whistle) Johnny, you doubled dribbled. Remember to use just one hand at a time. Then let Johnny start again without taking the ball from him. This instructional opportunity is jeopardized when a coach is forced to call a foul or a violation that could take a point away from his own team.

Q: Why am I not receiving email from the FYBA?

A: If you are using a spam blocker please unblock all emails coming from the domain Please be aware that we are unable to register individually with your email registration service if you require return email registration to receive emails. In order to ensure that you receive all emails from the league please use an email address that does not have a spam blocker or require registration.

Q: Why did I suddenly stop receiving e-mails from the league? How do I turn e-mail sending back on?

A: In order to ensure that everyone possible is receiving the weekly e-mail we monitor the e-mails that are bounced back from the addresses that are in our system. For those addresses that bounce e-mail messages back we automatically turn off the sending feature for any future e-mails. We also notify your coach if your e-mail address has been placed on hold. To start receiving e-mails again, please contact the Registrar or Webmaster. They will verify your e-mail address and reactivate your account. You can also log in to the Personal Player Page (upper right-hand corner of the league front page) and change the address and settings yourself.

Q: How do I change my e-mail settings in the system?

A: You can change your e-mail address yourself at any time during the season by going to the league front page and logging in to the Personal Player Page in the upper right-hand corner of the screen using your child's name and birthdate. From this page you can change your e-mail address as well as decide if you do or don't want to receive any e-mails from the league. If you have suddenly stopped receiving e-mails from the league check out the related FAQ.

Parents about coaches
Q: Who is my child's coach? I haven't been contact yet?

A: After the draft is over, each coach is asked to contact the players on his or her team as soon as possible. A confirmation email will go out to you including the contact information of the coach.

Q: How do I contact my coach?

A: E-mail addresses are not posted on the public site for privacy reasons. However, you can obtain your coach's e-mail address by logging in to your personal player page in the upper right-hand corner of the front page when that capability has been turned on.

Q: What is your policy for accomodating players outside of Folsom?

A: The FYBA's mission states that it is focused on providing services to the residents of Folsom. We rely heavily on the facilities in Folsom which have been built with taxes paid by Folsom residents. We also operate under a charter from the City of Folsom which states that slots in the league must be made available first to Folsom residents. When it comes to accommodating players outside of Folsom, this means that we give Folsom residents priority for available slots in the league. Only after all Folsom residents are admitted are we able to admit players from outside Folsom in the order they were registered. If a parent of a player outside of Folsom volunteers to coach a team the player will be admitted automatically.

Q: Why are there 2 deadlines for withdrawing?

A: The FYBA has contracted with a uniform vendor to manufacture uniforms specifically for the league. This order for uniforms must be given to the uniform manufacturer as soon after evaluations as possible to give them time to manufacture the uniforms. We give families approximately one week after the evaluations to decide if they want to withdraw. After which, we must incur the cost of the uniform on behalf of the player. Hence, we are unable to refund the cost of the uniform ($40) after the uniform has been ordered. If the player does withdraw after the first deadline they are entitled to keep the uniform after it arrives.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Of course, however you must be aware of the time limits for a refund. See refund policy and FYBA calendar for seasonal dates.

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