Folsom Youth Basketball Association
Regular Season

The Regular Season

The Regular Season is the main event of the FYBA.  During the Regular Season, players in grades 1-12 are placed on teams and will have weekly practices with games being played on Saturdays from early January to mid-March.

Important Facts

  • Registration for the Regular Season typically begins in August.  
  • A pre-season Player Evaluation event is held to determine each player’s skill level for grades 3-12.  During the event each player’s skills are evaluated prior to the player draft.  Player Evaluations helps the league form evenly matched teams by placing players of every skill level on one team.
  • Practices for 3-12th grades begin late November/early December. Practices for 1st and 2nd grade will be held just before their games on Saturdays.
  • A parent must volunteer for at least 1 volunteer position per registered player
  • Please see the FYBA Calendar for seasonal details



Each FYBA team typically has 8-10 players  Each team requires a parent Head Coach, an Assistant Coach, a Facility Monitor (grades 3-12 only), a Scorekeeper (grades 3-12 only), and a Team Parent.  An opportunity to volunteer in a team leadership position is made available during the online registration process. 



Teams are divided into divisions which are based on player grade and gender. Some divisions can have as few as 4 teams and others as many as 20 teams depending on the number of players who have registered, the number of head coaches that have volunteered, and/or the number of facilities available each season. Same gender divisions may be combined depending on the number of players registered for each division.



Practice locations and times are based on the available facilities and the coach’s preferences. Once placed on a team, a player cannot switch to another team even if the practice time will not work for them. Players in grades 1-2 will have a combined 90-minute practice/game each Saturday during the season with no practice during the week. Players in grades 3-12 will have one 1-hour weeknight practice.



Games will be held at various schools in the city of Folsom and at the Folsom Sports Complex.  Game locations and start times may vary every Saturday.  A  facility location finder can be found on the FYBA website.

Players in grades 3-12 will play 1 hour games each Saturday.

Players in grades 1-2 will have a combined 90-minute practice/game each Saturday. The practices/games are played on baskets placed at 8 ½ feet. The practice portion of the 90 minute period typically lasts 45 minutes and games 45 minutes for these divisions. 


The FYBA is geared to provide services to those families that live within the city boundaries of Folsom. Non-Folsom residents may sign up for the league but will be charged an additional fee and will be admitted only on a space-available basis after all Folsom residents have been accommodated. (Please see Registration Policy or FAQ’s for further information)

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