Folsom Youth Basketball Association

Late registration is now open

Robert Larson (Cloud 9)  |  posted:

Late registration is now open for the FYBA.  Late registration goes from Sept 18 - Oct 6.  To register your player click on the Register > Player buttons above and follow the prompts.  Please note that registration is NOT available through the Sign In link.  There is an additional $25 fee for late registrations.

Referee Registration is now Open

Robert Larson (Cloud 9)  |  posted:

Referee registration is now open for any youth or adults who want to officiate in the FYBA.  No prior officiating experience is required although prior basketball playing experience is highly desired.  Click on the Register > Officials page to start the sign-up process.  You can send emails to with any questions.

Ball sizes for the FYBA

Robert Larson (Cloud 9)  |  posted:

The required ball sizes for FYBA players varies based on the grade/division the player is in.  The ball sizes for each division are shown below:

 - Grades 1-4 (boys & girls): 27'
 - Grades 5-6 (boys & girls): 28.5'
 - Grades 7-12 (girls only): 28.5'
 - Grades 7-12 (boys only): 29.5' (regulation size)